Superstitions Around Knives

We are approaching the holiday season and Holidays are usually connected with campfires and storytelling. As an inspiration for a little scary narration, we now offer some of the legends about knives. It's up to you how to elaborate them, use the power of your imagination.

Seven Reasons Why a Father Should Teach Kids to Handle a Knife

Every now and then an article or conversation appears in which someone claims that the Western world lacks real men. In a time of various political correctness and fear, claims like this shouldn't surprise us. But it is possible to change it and a knife can be a good helper.

A knife is the Most Useful Promotional Item

Perhaps every one of us has sometimes left a business meeting loaded down with a number of leaflets, catalogs and promotional items from a company visit. However, there is rarely a good knife among them. We think it's a shame.

When you say Damascus steel

Damascene steel is also famously called damask. It is according to the capital of Syria, through which it used to be imported from India. Today, under this name we mean a material that consists of multiple types of steel that are folded into layers and welded in blacksmiths. But before that, it was a little different.

Natura Viva exhibition - a place for meeting friends and nature lovers

Hunters, beekeepers, fishermen, foresters, sport-weapons fans, and other nature enthusiasts have already reserved time to travel to Lysá nad Labem at the end of May, as usual. At the local exhibition center, there's regularly held an exhibition which has something to do with their field of interest where they will definitely find something to enjoy.

Pocket Knife Set - Design and Elegance First

Knives Pocket is the first actual result of the company's long-term cooperation with the leading Czech design studio Olgoj Chorchoj. In  2014 a meeting decided to launch a knife that would be simple, timeless and elegant, without compromising the quality of the processing and the materials used.

Is the assumption “the Harder the Steel the Better the Knife” always valid?

It is, but not entirely. The quality of the knife is derived mainly from its blade. In order for the blade to last, and the knife not to dull or break quickly, the material must not only be hard but also tough - that is to say, resistant to plastic and elastic deformation.

The Story behind the Birth of Predator

A young developer, Vladimir Trojan, knocked at the door of the Mikov's director's office in the 1970s. He had a busy night in the workroom, and he was tired. The director was used to his morning arrivals, as Vladimir usually worked on new products overnight.