Linerlock fuse

Several fuse systems are used to secure the folding knives against self-closing. In our blog, we have already talked about the backlock system, which is known mainly from the hunting knives Fixir. Today we want to look at the next method - linerlock

How to keep kitchen knives sharp?

Even the highest quality knife, whether it is a butcher's, kitchen, hunting or special military knife, will become dull from repeated use. Paradoxically, for many of us, this happens not because of frequent usage, but rather because of improper storage.

We are heading to a meeting of cutlery towns in Albacete

The history of industrial production of knives in Mikulášovice exceeds 300 years. Thanks to this, Mikulášovice is a member of the international association of towns with a tradition of cutlery, whose representatives meet every two years. They will meet for the third time this June in Albacete, Spain - where of course Mikulášovice will not be missing - and thus also Mikov.

Where do we go to exhibitions abroad in spring?

Not long ago, there was a belief that the internet and social networks would completely destroy trade fairs and exhibitions. But hunting knives, military knives, EDC or special cutlery series need to be inspected, weighed, tested to see if they fit well. Even though ordering through the e-shop is much more comfortable than shopping in stores.

Personal Responsibility

The knives we produce in Czech Switzerland have found their place in the domestic and foreign markets. We provide a small series; we want them to be unique in their design and artistry. And to let the customer know when buying a Mikov knife that they hold guaranteed quality in their hands.

Handles matter

When you purchase a knife, choosing the right handle is as important as selecting a blade. If the knife is difficult to hold, its construction does not protect your hand when cutting or gets easily damaged, it means it is not a good knife.

We belong to the Czech Switzerland

Czech Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist sites, visited annually by about a million people from the Czech Republic and abroad. And not only the wild gorges of the Kamenice river in Hřensko, but also the villages Krásná Lípa, Šluknov, Dolní Poustevna or Mikulášovice.

Looking back at 2019

This year is slowly over and this is an opportunity to look at what it has brought. It was a big year for Mikov.

Limited editions of knives

The knives we produce are most often bought by people because they need to work with them, use them in some of their hobbies, or the knives just make them happy. And especially for them, there are the limited editions of knives - although of course, they are full-featured knives.