Water buffalo and knives

The blades of some of Mikov knives are made from the horns of the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis in Latin). It is a majestic creature native to South Asia. In some Asian cultures it is still a symbol of strength and prosperity. That is why it can often be seen in various rituals and festivals.

Knives for grilling

Barbecuing is a popular summer activity that brings family and friends together over delicious meals prepared over an open fire. For the perfect experience, you need a good group of friends, a hot grill and quality ingredients.However, these need to be prepared for grilling, and of course the right knives are needed for this.

When you say EDC

If Mikov had still used the term EDC for a knife at the end of the last century, this abbreviation probably wouldn't have meant much to anyone. The term EDC (Everyday Carry) has only started to become popular in the last two decades, and only became common in the first decade of the 21st century.

Screwed or riveted?

Closing knives consist of a number of components that are assembled together by screwing or riveting. Mikov makes knives both ways - and each has its fans and detractors - among customers and knifemakers alike. But let's take an objective look at the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. https://mikov.cz/k26-knives-folding-and-fixed-blade-hunting-knives-hunting-folding-knives-hunterhttps://mikov.cz/k469-knives-folding-and-fixed-blade-hunting-knives-hunting-folding-knives-hubert

We had the national championship in the tourist race

On the second Saturday and Sunday of June (8th and 9th) the National Championship in Hiking Race took place in Mikulášovice, which Mikov supported. Although the hiking race sounds like it would be a walk, the opposite is true. In fact, it is a demanding sport that requires endurance, speed, strength and knowledge.

The handle is made of G10 material

When buying knives on our e-shop, customers carefully go through the Parameters tab. In addition to the steel type, weight or blade paratert, there is also information about the material used on the handle. Mikov uses a variety of these, depending on the intended use of the knife. So what exactly are we buying when it says the knife has a G10 handle?

Steak knife

If you are a lover of juicy steaks, you know that the ideal gourmet experience includes not only well-chosen meat, optimal preparation, sauce and side dishes, but also the right knife. Slicing a steak with an ordinary, dull cutlery knife is just not the way to go. Instead of cutting the steak, a flank knife actually crushes it.

And how will Fishlet help you?

According to our survey, the knife is considered the most useful promotional gift. It's practical, portable and lasts a long time. And if the gift is a Fishlet, it adds positive emotion and tradition to the mix.

Just an ordinary pad?

We recently received a question from a customer asking what kind of pads Mikov uses on the Predator knife. And it's an important question. Most of the time, we're interested in what's visible at first glance - the blade, the blade guard, or the bolsters. But there are other components on the knife. They're hidden, inconspicuous, and yet, if they were missing, the knife wouldn't work properly. The liner is a typical representative of them.