Football Legends has added a new member

In August, the limited edition of "Football Legends" knives added a new member - Vladimír Šmicer - a former national team player who, in addition to Slávia, also worked in prestigious foreign clubs. He is the first Czech to win the prestigious UEFA Champions League and the only Czech scorer in the final of this competition, where he scored two goals.

The Story of Raffir Material

There is a new item in our shop - Predators with blade made of N690 steel and with a blade made of Raffir material, which is an abbreviation of the Danish word "to refine". Behind the creation of this material is an interesting story of two friends - originally enthusiastic amateur knifemakers.

Několik postřehů z Nožířských slavností 2023

Policie, policejní vrtulník, armáda, hasiči, rytíři, fotbal, hudba, dobré jídlo, soutěže pro děti, zdarma návštěva Muzea nožířské tradice - to byly hlavní body soboty 5. srpna v Mikulášovicích, kde se uskutečnil už 8. ročník Nožířských slavností - festivalu pořádaného společností Mikov s podporou města Mikulášovice.

What you shouldn't miss at this year's Knife Festival

This year's Knife Festival will bring a rich programme. That is why we would like to draw your attention to some of its interesting points, which might be overshadowed by the premiere of the new knife of the Football Legends edition with Vladimír Šmicer.

Knives are (not) thrown

As young children, we often heard from leaders and parents at camps and trips, "No throwing knives!" Usually it was when we took out our Fishies or even bigger closing knives and tried to see if they would stick in a stump or a log. (We were well-behaved, so of course we knew not to stab a live tree).

Camp knives

Tents, field kitchens, morning warm-ups, night watches, swimming, flag-raising, campfires - all this belongs to the summer camps we almost all went to as children, we remember them with nostalgia and send our children to them again.

We also think about fishermen

The two holiday months are an opportunity for those of us who have outgrown the school to relax, recreate and recharge our batteries. For example, going fishing early in the morning, sitting down by the still quiet river, casting a rod and thinking - this is an ideal time for anyone who has experienced the beauty of fishing. It's not for nothing that they say that time spent fishing by the water doesn't count towards life.

We are fully preparing for this year's Knife Festival

Just like last year - on the first Saturday in August, namely 5.8.20233 at 12:00, the traditional Knife Festival will begin in the sports complex in Mikulášovice. And this year there is also something to look forward to.