Looking back at 2019

This year is slowly over and this is an opportunity to look at what it has brought. It was a big year for Mikov.

Limited editions of knives

The knives we produce are most often bought by people because they need to work with them, use them in some of their hobbies, or the knives just make them happy. And especially for them, there are the limited editions of knives - although of course, they are full-featured knives.

Sharpening steel

Sharpening steel is a historical tool, but even today professionals who have to work with knives and keep them sharp can't do without. It is not used to create blades on the knife, but to maintain them - this is called pulling.


We usually call it a paperclip, but its correct name is "paper clip with haunch". It is an ordinary piece of wire, which we do not even perceive, but without it, all the offices across the world would face serious problems.

You will no longer cry while cutting onions with Santoku knife

Last week, we dedicated our blog to the traditions that the Santoku knife is based on. Today we want to be more practical and list its advantages over a conventional knife.

Santoku - a knife from the Ruby set that has Japanese roots

Japanese knives - this is a term in itself. Among other things, this is due to different traditions. While in Europe we take the knife as a tool or weapon that can be made by a skilled craftsman, in Japan cutlery is considered a branch with a spiritual background. 

The Museum of Cutlery Tradition Is Alive, It Is Not Only About Memories

When the Museum of Cutlery Tradition was founded in Mikulášovice in 2012, it was actually only two modest rooms on the premises of the Mikov factory, which were opened only during working hours on weekdays.

Ruby Knives in Full Force

When we introduced the first four Ruby kitchen knives this spring, we promised that a complete set of knives of the same name would be available in the fall. And this is the time.


Hubert is our latest hunting knife to date. It is named after the patron of hunters, Saint Hubert, whose holiday we celebrate on November 3 - at the time of autumn hunts.