16. ledna 2020

Personal Responsibility

The knives we produce in Czech Switzerland have found their place in the domestic and foreign markets. We provide a small series; we want them to be unique in their design and artistry. And to let the customer know when buying a Mikov knife that they hold guaranteed quality in their hands.
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9. ledna 2020

Handles matter

When you purchase a knife, choosing the right handle is as important as selecting a blade. If the knife is difficult to hold, its construction does not protect your hand when cutting or gets easily damaged, it means it is not a good knife.
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2. ledna 2020

We belong to the Czech Switzerland

Czech Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist sites, visited annually by about a million people from the Czech Republic and abroad. And not only the wild gorges of the Kamenice river in Hřensko, but also the villages Krásná Lípa, Šluknov, Dolní Poustevna or Mikulášovice.
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