23. února 2020

Electricians - we have something for

Assembling or repairing wiring is a highly professional job that requires not only a qualification but also precision, reliability and, of course, quality tools. For electricity is what applies to fire - it can be a good servant, but a terrible master. For all electrician professionals, we have therefore developed a specialized knife. You can find it on the market under the name Quattro 349-NH-1.
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16. února 2020

Linerlock fuse

Several fuse systems are used to secure the folding knives against self-closing. In our blog, we have already talked about the backlock system, which is known mainly from the hunting knives Fixir. Today we want to look at the next method - linerlock
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9. února 2020

How to keep kitchen knives sharp?

Even the highest quality knife, whether it is a butcher's, kitchen, hunting or special military knife, will become dull from repeated use. Paradoxically, for many of us, this happens not because of frequent usage, but rather because of improper storage.
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