3. května 2021

Rybička stále láká plagiátory, Mikov si to nenechá líbit

„To, že náš nůž  Rybička stojí někomu za to, aby vytvářel jeho plagiát, se sice může jevit svým způsobem jako vyznamenání, ale ve skutečnosti je to parazitování na práci a úsilí jiných,“ řekl Karel Ježek, ředitel a majitel firmy Mikov.
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13. dubna 2021

Golf with a knife

If you play golf, the season starts for you, so you know that you need to prepare everything you need. Quality equipment - clothes, shoes, or holes - will help you give a good performance on the field. And most importantly, whatever your handicap, you will feel comfortable and comfortable in the time you spend with friends playing that gentleman's game. And it is safe because golf as a sport in pairs with a spacing of at least 10 meters meets all epidemic regulations.
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1. dubna 2021


These are the second holidays that we experience unconventionally. Basically, we can't go anywhere in nature, we can't visit each other and we can forget about the classic easter traditions.
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