4. října 2022

Repetitor - pohled do minulosti

V září jsme psali o tom, jaké bylo naše setkání s veterány mise UNPROFOR, kteří v roce 1995 přímo zažili útok na své kontrolní stanoviště TANGO 23 - Repetitor a slíbili jsme další informace. Máme zde tedy první vlaštovku.
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3. října 2022

King Charles III is the owner of an exclusive Predator knife

In 2010, the Mayor of Brno Radim Onderka presented Crown Prince Charles with a Predator knife with a damascus blade, showing him its functionality. He pressed the lever, the blade quickly opened, the Prince's security guards became alert, but the Prince remained stoic.https://www.mikov.cz/k2-nozirske-vyrobky-vyhazovaci-vystrelovaci-automaticke-noze-predator?lang=en
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25. září 2022

Mikov and Prim

Our cooperation with Prim began in 2017. At that time, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Operation Anthropoid, we equipped their special package with Orlik watches with our Mikov Commandos dagger, which was marked with the same serial number as the watch. The limited edition of 75 pieces sold out immediately.
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