18. února 2021

Behind our classic kitchen knives is the legend of Czech design

Knives, unlike electronics or home appliances, for example, have a longer life. Often a knife stays in the limelight for decades. And it doesn't have to be just the iconic Rybička or the military UTON. It can also be an ordinary kitchen knife
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4. února 2021

On Valentine's Day

It is estimated that on Valentine's Day on Earth, a whole billion people will receive a nice note or little something. That is why we have prepared a special "love" edition of decorated Fish knife for you, which can also be such a surprising and original gift. By the way, do you know what is behind the Valentine's Day?
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29. ledna 2021

Mikov bets on the prevention and regular testing when protecting workers from COVID-19

Equipping workshops and offices with disinfectants, strict adherence to hygienic measures, temperature sensors at the entrance to the factory, and regular testing - these are the methods by which Mikov fights the spread of COVID-19.
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