We'll be in Las Vegas this week

The desert city of Las Vegas is the world-famous setting for many movies. It's famous for its freedom to marry and the largest concentration of casinos and gambling halls in the world. But it's also the centre of many of the world's trend-setting exhibitions. The key consumer electronics trade fair CES, which ended a few days ago, will be replaced by a shooting, hunting and outdoor exhibition, the Shot Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show), at which Mikov will be presenting its products from 17 January 2023.

Who creates the design of Mikov

The word design is thrown around in every sense nowadays, because the look of a product is one of the key factors that influence whether a customer will buy it. And with knives, whatever their use - for sport, for hunting or for work - this is of course also true.

Let's keep our knives in the highest possible quality

Christmas is traditionally a time when many of us find one of our coveted Mikov knives under the Christmas tree as a gift. However, hunting knives, military knives, sports knives, chef's knives or craft knives want their own. So to keep them happy for a long time, we must not only use them with care and consideration, but also follow these three simple recommendations on how to care for knives.

What is most important to us

letecký kordík

There is a saying that rabbits are counted after the hunt. That is why the assessment of the year just ending today cannot be complete. Still, we can already look back a little and share with you what it has brought.

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výroba nožů

At the beginning of September we started writing our regular Monday blog. In it, we report on the essentials of what we're doing in the knife world, the latest news and our activities, for example in connection with the War Veteran project. The blog has gained your attention, so we will continue every Monday in 2023. But not only that.

Tips for Christmas gifts

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Since you may still be thinking about gifts for your loved ones, here are some tips. And while we make products that at first glance look like they're just for men, that's far from the case.

UTON with combat experience from UNPROFOR missions


You don't often see UTONs that have been through combat. And that's a good thing, because nobody likes war. But they still exist, and it's always a treat to see them for yourself. We had that privilege on Saturday when we gratefully accepted an invitation to Leškovice, a village near Havlíčkův Brod, where veterans of UNPROFOR missions gathered at the local municipal office for an exhibition.

Air cord pattern 27

One of the novelties of this year is a faithful copy of the air cord pattern 27. It is one of the products that we are very happy about, because it carries a good portion of craftsmanship and also reminds us of a significant personality of our First Republic army.

Why we claim 1794

A few years ago, we added the English "since 1794" to our logo. This refers to the year when the merchant Ignaz Rõsler started the first industrial production of knives and small metal goods in Mikulášovice.