Sabre - weapon and symbol of office

Creating replicas of historic cold weapons is the part of manufacturing that we are truly proud of. There is some technical challenge on virtually every knife that makes it not so easy to make. However, there are many times more of these challenges on any faithful copy of a historical weapon, which includes the saber.
Sabres came to Europe from the East, where they were used in the early Middle Ages. This is shown by their single-edged, slightly curved blade. It is the curved blade that can be advantageous over straight weapons because, if handled correctly, it can be used effectively not only for chopping and cutting, but also for thrusting back.

Hablock - a knife for everyone

The Hablock knife, whose name originated a long time ago by combining parts of two English words (HAnd and BackLOCK, which is the type of blade lock used), is a pocket folding knife that is classified as a hunting knife. However, it appeals to a much wider range of customers and many of them consider it to be the best-looking knife we've ever produced.


In March, due to the great success of the UTON N690 steel and the demand for another variant, we launched a modified version of the UTON 0008. The knife is also made from N690 steel with a hardness of 57-59 HRc, has a wedge cut, is stamped 0008 on the sight side, but also features a STONEWASH finish, which is a matte look created by whitewashing the blade during production.

Muzeum nožířské tradice je otevřeno celoročně

Muzeum nožířské tradice, které spolu s prodejnou nožů najdete v Mikulášovicích v budově Turistického informačního centra je otevřeno celoročně každý všední den od 9:00 do 16:00. Výjimkou je otevírací doba o Velikonocích, kdy je od 7. 4. do 10. 4 kdy bude otevřeno  od 9:00 do 16:00. V letních měsících, konkrétně od května do října, je pak muzeum možné navštívit ve stejnou dobu i o víkendech.

Knives not only for the spring garden

Everyone who loves gardening is looking forward to spring so that they can get to work as soon as possible. In addition to planting, grafting, grafting and grafting are also among the duties of gardeners and orchardists. What knives can you use for this work?

Soccer Legends

Pocket knives are still one of the most popular cutlery items. For many people they are both a practical tool and a design accessory. And it doesn't have to be just luxury pieces, even Stovka knives can become a decoration.

Butcher knives

Mikov produces a complete range of cutlery products. So alongside exclusive knives such as Predator or military knives, our range also includes knives designed for professionals in industries where they cannot do without sharp helpers. In addition to kitchen knives, these are primarily butcher knives.

Looking back at Peter Paul's visit to Mikov

Since in the almost 230 years of the knife industry in Mikulášovice we had the honour of welcoming a Head of State directly to the factory for the first time, 23 February 2023 was without any doubt a historic moment for Mikov. How do we evaluate this event with the passing of a few days?

Cube Made a Sharp Start

Every designer and knife maker wants to make sure that when they decide to launch a new product, it is elegant, interesting, practical and original. With our new Cube, which at first glance also looks like a puzzle, we have succeeded.