Knife carving

18. března 2024

Carving is a noble hobby. Carvers use specialised carving tools, which we produce in our Narex Bystřice plant. However, a closing knife from Mikov can also be used for carving. Most often we start carving with a knife, for example on holiday, on a trip or when camping.

Of course, we can use any knife for carving, even the simple Fishlet knife, which Mikov and his predecessors have been making for more than a hundred years, will do the job well. However, if you are counting on such an activity in advance, it is better to choose a knife with a blade lock to prevent the blade from closing. When focusing on detailed and precise work, it is also important to pay attention to safety. Therefore, it is important that the knife is stable.

When choosing the type of safety, it is up to your preference. Mikov has a backlock safety on the Fixir, Hablock, Hunter, Hubert and Crocodile knives. You can read the benefits of this lock here. The Zero, Praktik and Elipt knives have a linerlock safety in them. You can also read about it in our earlier blog. Anyway, we should choose knives with a linerlock when we are going to work with hardwoods.

And what about carving in the outdoors? We have prepared some ideas for you. Putting aside the usual cut down rods for roasting a barbecue or a substitute for forgotten tent stakes, it could be a wooden spoon or fork. Mikov for hikers has a Piknik knife, one of Stovka knives, that includes a fork. But using a fork you made yourself is definitely romantic.

Carving little boats out of pine bark is also great fun, which children in particular will appreciate. The carving is usually followed by a dramatic race in the mountain stream. And of course, we can't leave out the absolute spring classic - the willow wicker whistle. And when you're done, we can test whether you can whistle it louder than the whistle made by Mikov.

There are a variety of options for carving all sorts of ornaments, jewelry or camping accessories. If you get into carving, and show us photos of your creations, we'll be happy to post them on Mikov's social media. We wish you good fun. And by the way, if you are so interested in carving in nature that you would like to do it more deeply at home, you can start with the carving chisels Start.