Santoku - a knife from the Ruby set that has Japanese roots

21. listopadu 2019

Japanese knives - this is a term in itself. Among other things, this is due to different traditions. While in Europe we take the knife as a tool or weapon that can be made by a skilled craftsman, in Japan cutlery is considered a branch with a spiritual background. 

It is therefore essential for the Japanese cutlery master that his work is based on an optimum inner condition. Technique, materials, physical strength required for production - all these are the consequences of the spiritual state. Indeed, many Japanese martial arts are built on similar principles. 

The Santoku knife is based on this tradition. Translation of the word Santoku is different - one interprets it as three virtues, another as three uses or three virtues. This alone says that it is not a single-purpose knife, such as special boning or pastry knives, but it can do several things well - cutting, slicing and shredding. 

Santoku has a shorter blade than a standard Ruby cook's knife. The blade is made of German martensitic stainless steel DIN 1.4116 and is set in a wooden handle. The knife is designed to protect the fingers from being cut while the rear fitting prevents the knife from being damaged.