Artificial intelligence revives the history of cutlery in Mikulášovice

26. června 2020

The nostalgia of old, black-and-white photographs tells a story about times when nobody knew mobile phones, electricity was a rarity and Mikulášovice was known as Nixdorf and the people on the old photos had no idea what the time will bring.

But artificial intelligence can colour these old photographs, and everything about them suddenly seems more present to us. Without the display of old machines and anachronistic hairstyles and clothes, people from the past look like our contemporaries. 

Old machines that were driven by transmissions, production processes of grinding and sharpening knives, which at first glance look uncomfortable and dangerous, offices full of documents where no one even dreamed of its digital form - all this was behind the creation of exceptionally high-quality knives, with which the craftsmen conquered not only the lands of Austria-Hungary but the whole of Europe and overseas. 

You can see some of the historical uniqueness in our museum, which is open for you daily in the Mikulášovice Information Center. And when you visit it, you can buy knives from our current production in its shop - whether you are interested in hunting knives, military knives, knives for craftsmen, knives for a trip, or knives that win design competitions - all with our Mikov brand, of course.

And if you do not reach us in the foreseeable future, you can buy Mikov knives in our e-shop.


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