Reviving the Czech Republic together

14. května 2020

We recently received an invitation from the insurance company VZP to join the project Together Reviving the Czech Republic. We were thrilled by the idea of supporting Czech products and helping those affected by the coronavirus crisis. That's why we agreed without hesitation - Mikov makes Czech knives, so of course, we go for it.

Much is said about the temperament of Czech people. Something is positive for us, something less. But it's clear that when it comes to something important, we can usually stick together. This has been seen recently when sewing masks. And it may be seen further, for example, when we will have to decide how to spend our money. Will we send them to an unknown producer for unnecessary goods or support those who, for example, give work to our neighbours, acquaintances ...

At least once a week, a phone rings in Mikov, and a journalist asks about how we are affected by the virus how much the crisis has hit us. Although we are not among those whose business has been completely killed by the virus, we certainly feel the crisis as well. Even double sales on the e-shop could not replace the loss of sales from closed stores of our partners at home and abroad. 

However, it turned out that our long-term customers and fans are not indifferent to what is happening here. That is why we are trying to approach them and we are preparing gradual changes in the e-shop, more convenient trading and, above all, more responsive e-commerce - even for our wholesale partners. 

We take Covid19 as an impulse to seek efficiency and quality in all meanings of the word.

We have to figure out how to adjust the production work on the digitization and automation. We will definitely not give up.

We will not give up also because our military knives are bought a lot by members of the Army of the Czech Republic and the Police of the Czech Republic - men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line for our country. They don't have to talk about it, but it's up to them. And that's a great inspiration. Not only for our involvement in the project Together we will revive the Czech Republic but also for finding ways to save the Czech cutlery production and at the same time help others as well.