Water buffalo and knives

8. července 2024

The blades of some of Mikov knives are made from the horns of the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis in Latin). It is a majestic creature native to South Asia. In some Asian cultures it is still a symbol of strength and prosperity. That is why it can often be seen in various rituals and festivals.

Overall, the water buffalo is a useful animal in many ways. Due to its strength and ability to work in water, it serves as a draught force in rice fields. Buffalo milk is richer in fat and protein than cow milk. It is used to make many traditional dairy products, including the famous mozzarella di bufala cheese. And, of course, it is also raised as a slaughter animal.

And the slaughterhouse is the main source of horn. It was prized in Japan and China for its beautiful texture and lustre many centuries ago. It only came to Europe in the Middle Ages and has been very popular since then, not only for knife blades but also for other decorative items.

The cornea that Mikov uses for his knives must, of course, be treated and stabilised. This is a similar impregnation process to that used for bone. We described it in our blog here. Horn treated in this way not only looks great, but also has excellent mechanical properties.

Mikov uses water buffalo horn shavings mainly onFixir and Hablockhunting knives Les and on Taiga and Deerhunting daggers . It is alsovery popular on Mikov's most popular knife, the Predator.

If you are wondering whether to choose a stabilized bone or horn handle for your knife - each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Mikov uses both materials and both are interesting in design due to their texture.Cornelian has a higher sheen and slightly less weight. Compared to bone, however, it is more sensitive to high temperatures.