Knives for grilling

1. července 2024

Barbecuing is a popular summer activity that brings family and friends together over delicious meals prepared over an open fire. For the perfect experience, you need a good group of friends, a hot grill and quality ingredients.However, these need to be prepared for grilling, and of course the right knives are needed for this.

Cutting and slicing is not only important for evenly browning meat and vegetables, but also has a significant impact on the taste and texture of the final dish. Getting the ingredients right reduces grilling time and minimises waste.

Mikov manufactures and sells chef and butcher knives that make these preparations as easy as possible. We have also prepared discounted action sets, which include a selection of the knives most used in grilling.

Thefirst set is the RUBY - GRILL. It includes a slicing knife for carving large pieces of meat, a pastry knife, a vegetable knife, a peeling knife and two steak knives. An alternative is the RUBY - PARTY set . This includes a universal chef's knife, a fruit knife, a vegetable knife and a peeling knife. And finally, for customers who already have knives for preparing ingredients or who buy pre-prepared meat that just needs to be put on the grill, Mikov has a special RUBY - STEAK set that includes four steak knives. (We wrote about the benefits of a steak knife here.)

And before you start grilling, let us add a few tips for safe and easy work.

  1. Use only sharp knives, as they not only make the job easier but also reduce the risk of injury. Refresh the blade regularly with a sharpener and if the knife is dull, you can sharpen it according to our instructions.
  2. For cutting, use a stable cutting board that does not move. You can place a damp cloth underneath to prevent it from slipping.
  3. Be careful. When slicing, hold the knife firmly and slice in slow, controlled movements. The fingers of the hand holding the raw material should be bent to protect them from the blade.
  4. If your barbecue includes a glass of beer, a bottle of wine or something more pungent, the meat should be sliced and the vegetables and bread cut before you drink them. Alcohol doesn't belong behind the wheel or near the knives.

Mikov wishes you a great time at the grill.