Fish meat without bones? Try filleting

8. března 2020

According to the Czech Fishing Association, Czechs consume only 4 kilograms of fish per year. Moreover, since 1961 the consumption of fish meat has not increased. However, nutritionists find it ideal if we consume at least 17 kilograms of fish meat each year.

Perhaps this small amount of fish meat consumption is related to the fact that the most popular freshwater fish in the Czech Republic is carp, which many of us associate with Christmas, but also with a lot of bones. And apparently, it is the fish bones that prevent us from eating fish more often. But there is a solution and it is called filleting.

Filleting is a method of preparing the fish that allows us to have a good piece of meat without bones on our plate. All we need is some skills, instructions (which varies according to the type of fish and we can find it on the Internet - for example, as for carp on our Youtube channel) and the right filleting knife. 

Unlike a conventional knife, the fish filleting knife is thinner, slimmer and more flexible and its blade can be bent sideways up to 45 degrees without damage. Fish meat has a different consistency than the meat of other animals. However, since the shape of the knife resembles a boning knife, it can also be used to boning other types of meat than fish. 

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