How to keep kitchen knives sharp?

9. února 2020

Even the highest quality knife, whether it is a butcher's, kitchen, hunting or special military knife, will become dull from repeated use. Paradoxically, for many of us, this happens not because of frequent usage, but rather because of improper storage.

Let's put aside the frequent washing of a knife in a kitchen dishwasher, where aggressive detergents disrupt the fine structure of the steel. Storing the knife in the drawer between cutlery causes teeth on the beautifully cut edge, the blade then cuts very badly and need to be sharpened again and again. 

How to properly store kitchen knives? There are several ways. Very effective is the use of a wooden block with holes for knives, into which you insert the cleaned knives always after use. We can place the log on the working surface of the line and always have our tools handy. It can also be a beautiful decoration that complements the look of any kitchen. 

But there are other alternatives - someone prefers a magnetic bar on which each knife has a fixed place, others prefer plastic organizers. Well, professionals who often have to carry knives with them choose to store them in a practical case, for example. 

Whether you choose any of the above options or choose a different storage option, the principle is always that the knives should be stored dry and their blades protected against damage.