NAREX Bystřice commemorates its 100th birthday December 27, 2019

27. prosince 2019

After returning from the front of the First World War, Václav Richter, a native of Bystřice u Benešov, filed on 27 December 1919 an application for the renewal of his trade locksmith's trade license. At that time, of course, he had no idea that he was at the start of a business that, one hundred years later, under the name NAREX Bystřice, would become a world-famous manufacturer of hand tools.

"We consider the date of December 27, 1919, to be the moment when our company was founded, among other things because Richter started his business in the house no. 161, which still stands in our factory," said Filip Staněk, Commercial Director of Narex Bystřice.

The company, which since January 2019 is part of the group of the largest Czech manufacturer of cutlery Mikov, commemorates its anniversary with a book and a special set of cryogenically hardened flat chisels Richter - named after the company founder.

Narex Bystřice currently produces hundreds of thousands of volumes of hand tools per year - mainly screwdrivers, chisels and carving tools. Narex's philosophy, as well as the entire Mikov industry group, is to produce high value-added craft products that are used worldwide.