31. října 2019

Hubert is our latest hunting knife to date. It is named after the patron of hunters, Saint Hubert, whose holiday we celebrate on November 3 - at the time of autumn hunts.

When we started working on a new hunting knife some time ago, we wanted it to be based on the needs of hunters as much as possible. That is why we approached experts from the Hunting Line of St. Hubert on Kuks to become partners in its development. 

The knife was completed and ceremonially launched in Kuks in 2018, but our cooperation was far from over. For each knife sold we donate CZK 95 to the account of the Hospitals Foundation of František Antonín Šporek in Kuks, which was established by the Order of St. Hubert, administers and which focuses primarily on the protection of the environment and nature. 

Hunters who choose folding knives for hunting, however, do not only stay with Hubert. Besides, we offer a smaller Fixir, which is our longest produced hunting knife. If you need a knife that can handle large game pieces, you can choose a massive Hunter. 

And for the sake of interest, who was Saint Hubert? He lived in the 8th century in Aquitaineand was a nobleman and hunter. He got married, but his wife soon died in childbirth. Not long after that, he saw a white deer with a cross between antlers, which affected him so much that he became a priest and later a bishop. He is sometimes called the Apostle Arden, where he worked.  

The fact that we named the knife after this saint is not a coincidence - it is related to our efforts to support meaningful charity projects. In addition to working with the Saint Hubert Order, we have applied the same principle in the War Veteran project, which focuses on military knives and is our systematic support for the Military Solidarity Fund.