Knives are sharp and pointed - so far

26. září 2019

Brexit is not the only trending topic in the UK nowadays. Safety is also a big issue. Of course, there have already been a series of knife killings in the country, and people want a solution. An interesting contribution to the debate, reported by The Telegraph (and in our server, is a petition that asks the government to ban or at least radically restrict the sale of sharp-tipped kitchen knives.

As a knife-making company, we could paradoxically be pleased with a similar solution. Besides, if the sharp-edged knives were completely outlawed, it could mean a big "rearmament" of households and professional kitchens - which could bring interesting orders. 

But is this ban a real security solution? After all, when criminals want to get a cutting or stabbing weapon, they can easily get it by other means, even from a piece of sheet metal. And indeed it is impossible to regulate and prohibit the sale of everything, the society would lose its freedom. 

On the other hand - a knife is a really dangerous tool. And yes, it's a weapon. However, it cannot hurt by itself. It needs a person who holds it in his hand so that the knife becomes a threat to others. But even so can a hammer or an ordinary stick or stone become a dangerous weapon in someone's hands.

Because we do not see the problem of security in knives, but in people, we support activities that seek to change our society for the better. That's why we invest in education, culture, youth sports clubs, and we like to participate in War Veteran projects that show true heroism and patriotism. 

We want to continue to live in a society that is aware that the knives are sharp and pointed and where the vast majority of people will treat them accordingly.