Why you should subscribe to our newsletter

12. září 2019

We've put together for you a few points why we believe that our newsletters are useful and worth subscribing. We hope you'll find a reason to subscribe to them if you haven't already or recommend it to your friends and colleagues.

  1. We inform you about the news literally "first-hand" and we are preparing several special events and discounts, which are intended exclusively for newsletter subscribers. 
  2. We inform about exhibitions and events where you can meet our staff and discuss your questions and suggestions personally.
  3. Gradually we are going to introduce shops where you can buy our knives and also test whether they suit you or not.
  4. Some newsletters also cover other products Mikov manufactures and can open a door for you to the world of office equipment or industrial connectors.
You can easily subscribe to our newsletter on our website or using this link https://www.mikov.cz/email_sign up.