Our Social Networks

8. srpna 2019

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Russian Vkontakte - you can follow us on all these social networks. And not only because it is “necessary” nowadays, but primarily, because we love social networks, each one of them for a slightly different reason.

Knives are not only artistic products but also carry decades of experience and craftsmanship of knife-makers. Of course, it works best when we can take the knife, such as the ejector Predator or the military UTON, and try it out. But that's not always possible, so at least we can see its details and design - where else than on Instagram.

It is not too long ago when manufacturers had to work very hard to get feedback from customers through questionnaires or surveys. Today it is much easier - the most widespread social network- Facebook is an ideal place to hear client's opinions - quickly and immediately. The advantage here is also that English speaking customers also see our posts in English. And what we appreciate a lot is that the majority of those who write on our profile are open to us, but only a tiny fraction of them cross the imaginary threshold beyond which decent people no longer go in their statements. 

The place where we can sometimes try to joke about current events is Twitter. Finally, videos from production, exhibitions or advertising - you can watch on our Youtube channel. We would like to focus a little more on that soon. You can subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss anything, but you can also subscribe to Youtube right now. 

On each of our social networks, you will find slightly different but always original content. So - follow us everywhere - it's worth it. We are very pleased to be able to communicate with you from the heart of Czech Switzerland, no matter where you live.