Mikov and Office Supplies Production

10. července 2019

Mikov is not only a knife manufacturing factory but it also produces office supplies. Their production is not a matter of the last few years, because, like the production of knives, it has its roots in centuries.

It was in 1867 when the local citizen Johann Hille founded a factory for the production of thin sheets (aluminum foil) and wire rod in Lipová - a village near Mikulášovice, in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland. He started modestly, in one hall, but because he was doing well, he soon extended production to six halls. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it became the largest company in its field in Northern Bohemia.

The factory, however, did not remain only in sheet metal and wire, but also expanded the production of knives and kitchenware. But at the time of the First Republic, it focused on the production of staples and small metal products, a program that basically remains in it today.

After World War II the company was nationalized and incorporated into the national enterprise KOH-INOOR Mikulášovice. After 1955, when Mikov was founded, it became one of his subsidiaries. After the privatization in 1991, the company became independent in Lipová and was renamed Conmetron, s. R .o. In 2017, after the acquisition of Mikov, it joined him again in Mikov.

And so Mikov today again includes office supplies - staples, magnets, tacks, punches or staplers. Their Ron brand is known for its typical red and blue boxes not only in every Czech office but also in a large part of European and world offices. Another manufactured assortment includes buckles with tools designed for industrial use in woodworking but also in a small carpentry workshop.