Folding Knives without Safety Lock

26. června 2019

Pocket knives can be classified by a number of criteria. One is whether the knife has a safety lock or not. Knives without a safety lock are simpler, lighter and also cheaper.

Perhaps the most famous representative of this group is various variants of the so-called Swiss army knife. It originated sometime in the 19th century and we find it as a type in more than one hundred years old catalogs of cutlery factories in Nixdorf (Mikulášovice). Mikov currently markets it under the name of Stovka.

But the Stovka is not the only knife without a safety lock. The same goes for the famous Rybička, then Nožička, knives for craftsmen and fishermen, but also luxury Pocket.

Of course, this type of knives is not designed for any rough handling and hard work. The hunters will not use it to process the game, nor will they serve the soldiers in the fight against the man. On the other hand, this type is often equipped with a number of other smaller blades, openers, spikes, and corkscrews.

With such a small pocket knife, a number of crisis situations can be solved - from opening the wine bottle to tightening the screw, removing the insulation or opening the letter envelope.

That's why the folding knives are very popular. We find them in the pockets of a large part of the men, and in the handbags of many women, for which we produce, for example, decorated crystals, to make them not just an austere piece of metal and plastic.