Seven Reasons Why a Father Should Teach Kids to Handle a Knife

11. června 2019

Every now and then an article or conversation appears in which someone claims that the Western world lacks real men. In a time of various political correctness and fear, claims like this shouldn't surprise us. But it is possible to change it and a knife can be a good helper.

So when we take the kids and knives out - at least these seven positive things happen:

  1. We spend time together.
  2. We are outside in the countryside
  3. Children see that their father can deal with the situation.
  4. Children get the basic skills of working with a knife.
  5. Children develop their skills.
  6. We can make something together, what the whole family can be happy about - at least cropping rods for barbecue.
  7. You can tell the children some family stories that they would not be willing to listen to at other times.

Yes, we were inspired by Father's Day. But the Father's Day is just once a year while taking your children (and knives) out is possible all year round.

Of course, nothing is perfect, it may not work out as we planned. So let's not forget the first aid kit - and if it doesn't go out well for the first time, there are plenty of beautiful summer-weekends, when you can repeat it.

For this occasion, we have prepared a special discount event, which can be used not only by fathers.