Mikov bets on the prevention and regular testing when protecting workers from COVID-19

29. ledna 2021

Equipping workshops and offices with disinfectants, strict adherence to hygienic measures, temperature sensors at the entrance to the factory, and regular testing - these are the methods by which Mikov fights the spread of COVID-19.

"Unfortunately, despite strict measures, the disease did not escape our employees either. As part of prevention, thanks to the understanding of healthcare professionals, we agreed to regularly test Mikov workers outside normal office hours at the health centre. This will not disrupt working hours and at the same time increase protection against the epidemic in operation," said Karel Ježek, director and owner of Mikov. 

Despite all the measures, some employees illness in January delayed the delivery of ordered goods by approximately two weeks. The recovered workers were already able to return to work. Thanks to the preventive measures taken, the company assumes that the delay will be managed in the spring months.

„The safety measures are very costly, but when the alternative is the uncontrolled spread of the disease and the closure of operations, we have no choice. As a company that employs dozens of people and, unlike state organizations, has just what it earns for itself, we cannot afford it, "added Karel Ježek.

Mikov is a company based in the centre of Bohemian Switzerland. It is the largest Czech manufacturer of cutlery, office equipment, and industrial connectors and nailers. The largest Czech producer of hand tools, Narex Bystřice, also belongs to the companies Mikov group.