How not to cut yourself in the kitchen? Ten safety rules when working with a knife

12. ledna 2021

Grilling, baking, and cooking in the kitchen, in general, are hobbies and sources of joy for many of us. But the kitchen is also a place where you need to be vigilant because there is a risk of burns, scalding, or even very unpleasant cutting injuries with kitchen knives.

If you follow some professional chefs, you see that when slicing onions, for example, it looks almost like an artistic performance. Based on the occasion, we have written ten principles for you, which must be followed when working with a knife. 

  1. Use a knife that is designed for the activity. Do you cut pastries? Take a pastry knife. Do you cut steaks? Use a steak knife. In the offer of our kitchen and butcher knives, as well as luxury knives, Ruby, you will find the optimal knife for every situation in the kitchen.
  2. Keep the blades sharp. A blunt knife is not safer, but on the contrary, it can endanger you much more. Instructions for sharpening knives can be found here. Use steel to "refresh" the blade. 
  3. If the blade shows any defect, have it professionally repaired or taken out of service.
  4. Always cut on a stable and firm surface.
  5. Be very careful when washing the knives. Use only lukewarm water, not hot water. Such water dulls the knife, which also means that the knife does not even belong in the dishwasher. After washing, wipe the knife thoroughly and do not leave it wet for an unnecessarily long period of time. 
  6. Put the knife back in place immediately after using it. Never leave it lying around so that it can fall.
  7. When a knife falls, never try to catch it during the fall. 
  8. Do not use the knife as a can opener, crowbar, screwdriver - just for what it was intended for. 
  9. Do not carry it with other utensils, such as a plate or a cutting board.
  10. When working with a knife, do not joke or have emotionally tense discussions.